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Leather Garment Restoration

Tailoring & Alterations to Fit

Tears Repairs - Dyeing Jackets

Designer Handbags Repairs

“You’ll wear it again”

We are a highly recommended company in leather alterations and repairs, including heavy duty leather and PVC. We have skills passed down from earlier generations and have been educated in the skill of leather tailoring leading to over 20 years' experience of leather repair and alterations. We are committed to providing excellent service with high levels of customer satisfaction. All alterations or repairs are completed on site by us and we promise all our customers professional quality and satisfaction. We work in a traditional workshop
in the picturesque village of Walton on the Hill, in South London Surrey (J 8 M25), with a history of high profile clientele. We are very accessible and offer free parking outside our shop which has disabled access. We do all of our leather alterations in our specialised workshop to keep our standards as high as possible which has lead to us having many satisfied and regular customers. Here at Fadi Leather Tailoring, we are recommended in motorcycle leather & PVC repairs for jackets, trousers; two-in-one suits as well as replacing zips on leather boots, handbags, purses etc, meaning that you can give your leather accessories a new lease of life as well as your clothes. In addition to all these services we can repair or restore leather/PVC furnishing covers for chairs / stools. Whether it’s fitting a new heavy duty zip, or repairing motorcycle trousers we can deliver a professional fast service for all your leather needs whatever the thickness of leather you may have, we can fix it and much much more!

Services we offer:

Bespoke Leather Garments making from Scratch, including copying existing garments

Fur & Sheepskin Coats Restorations

Leather Repairs

-    Invisible Leather Mending

-    Replacing Heavy Duty Zips

-         Panel Replacement

Re-lining Leather garments ( Coat , Jacket , Trousers , Bag... etc )

Leather Alterations:

Shortening / Lengthening
-       Taking in/Letting out ( Size Changing / refitting )

Restoration & Reservation & Dying

Handbag / Leather Bag Zippers repairs & Alterations


“You’ll wear it again”

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