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Leathers - Fur - Sheepskin & Handbags Services We Provide

“You’ll wear it again!”


Bespoke Leather Jacket Making

if you have a fancy design in mind and you always wondered whether it is possible to make it real, then we are here to help you.

If you have an item you always loved and would like to make a copy, bring it in and we will discuss the cost and possibility of remaking it for you.

We can source the best leathers/suede to suit your need. However, we prefer you bring in your own leathers.


Leather Repairs


Invisible mending: Rips / Tears / Scratches/ Scuffs / Burns / Damages in your favourite leather item, clothing / boots / hand-bags etc, can be fixed quickly and professionally in the best available way to look new and useable again.

Replacing broken zips:
We replace a wide range of zips from metal, brass, two-ways, chunky, heavy duty to nylon, and also different colours and sizes are available, so you can be reassured that whatever zips are available we will use the one that suits your item or clothing the most.

Panel Replacement:
We offer this service if you would like to change the design of your leather jackets, trousers i.e. add a pocket or change the size (to enlarge) or if your leathers have hardly been repaired or worn out. We provide a quality match to suit your item of clothing and you can be assured the colour will be like the same.


Leather Alterations


  • Shortening: whether it’s a favourite sheepskin jacket and the sleeves are too long or a pair of motorcycle trousers and they are designed with zips at the bottom we can always shorten them and make them look exactly the same as original. We always make sure the best quality is guaranteed. We will always offer our opinion to what we think looks the best so you can always be reassured the length will be perfect.
  • Taking in/letting out including changing sizes:We offer this service if your leathers or motorcycle clothes are baggy or too tight, it’s important to have it right while you are on your bike.
    we can assure you that we can make your leather clothing feel well fitted and secure instead of paying for a whole new garment! We either enlarge or reduce the size so that your leathers will be nice and snug whilst driving.  

    Sheepskin / Fur coats enlarge or reduce sizes including changing the whole style and the way you would like to fit is also a service we can advise and help you to achieve at an affordable and reasonable cost to match the quality.

Relining ( Changing old Lining )


  • We can offer repairs to lining or we provide a full re-line service. We also offer a wide range of linings from quilted, satin, heavy duty, and many different colours so whatever the clothing may be i.e. trousers, jackets or waistcoats, your garment WILL end up with a better quality finish and give your garment a new lease of life.
  • We also line previously unlined garments and bags, creating a pattern specially for your item. 

Restoration - Dyeing - Waterproofing


  • We can restore or change the colour of your leather or suede items, whether they have been faded, misused  or badly sun damaged, we offer a full restoration and preservation service at a reasonable cost, so the leather will look just like brand new again.

  • We dye most type of leathers (handbags, jackets, boots, belts...). You can either have the original colour restored or changing that colour that never looked right or suited your taste and look. we can always try to help and advise. This service may require extra time, please be patient. We also recommend standard colours to change the original colour to.
  • We do NOT do Dry Cleaning.

Handbag - Boots - Saddle Repairs


We repair, restore and replace the zips, lining, and straps of lots of designer ladies' handbags including Gucci, PRADA, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jacobs, Burberry... etc .  Please note that it is not always easy to find the right accessory replacement.


We also repair tears, resize  boots and replace damaged zips for affordable prices.  




Fur Coat Repairs & Alterations


 We provide special and professional furring skills to achieve the desired fit and style suit your body shape on your inherited and expensive real mink fur coat. We can deal with all kind of damages and tears. Prices vary from Faux fur to real. Please ask for advice on updating your style. We do not sell fur skin or coats.

“You’ll wear it again!”


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