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Leather jackets

We carry out all manner of repairs and alterations to leather jackets and other leather garments: replacing zips, mending tears, scuffs and burns, restyling (whether letting out or taking in), relining (and lining previously unlined garments), restoration and recolouring. In this way we can extend the life of your favourite leather pieces for you.

We are happy to work with both modern and vintage pieces, and can ensure a professional finish every time.

We offer an amazing Copying service to allow our customers the privilege of owning exactly what they want, to recreate beloved items in whatever colour they desire:

Relining a jacket will extend its life and make it wearable for many more years.

We are able to offer our customers rivet replacement/installation as well as poppers, studs, etc.

A large tear to the front of a leather jacket doesn't mean you have to buy a whole new jacket!

After repair, you can see that the tear is contained and even adds to the character of the jacket:

We can repair tears of all sizes, although to give you an accurate estimate we have to see the damage.

We will replace zips in leather jackets or alter jackets that once had buttons if you prefer the look of a zip.

We can also alter the fit of leather trousers and other garments, so that you get exactly what you want from your clothes.

In addition to basic relining, we can offer you a choice of colours and finishes, for instance this glorious yellow quilted lining:

Have a jacket without a lining that you would like lined? No problem! We can draw a pattern and put in a lining in whatever colour and finish you would like. 

Just after fitting on a customer, with the amount to be taken in clear to see:

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